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All the best writers aren't really writers... but story tellers! What story can I help you tell? 

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Add Memes to Your SciComm Toolbox 

It was day two of the Entomological Conference in Ecuador, right before coffee break, and it was clear that everyone was a bit tired and ready for a snack…and I was up to present next. This was my first official conference, and I was presenting in my second language, but I was confident it was going to go well. Why? Well, because I had a trick up my sleeve. I had science memes.

Memes are an excellent tool for science communication, but what are they? How can you use them? and why are they awesome? 


I am a freelance writer with a specialty in science, nature, and travel, but I am always happy to take on new topics and learn new things as I transform ideas into stories for your audience. I write articles, blogs, newsletters, website content, social media content, and everything in between. I also enjoy taking on fact checking projects and copy editing to help you ensure your content is accurate, interesting, and readable. 

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